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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are the services of Love Electronics?
A: We repair all kinds of electronic appliances, Audio/Video, Office Equipment and Domestic Home Appliances, Desktop / Laptop Computers, Printers, Ref and Aircon. ALL BRANDS AND MODELS ACCEPTED. Also we cater Home Service Repair, Corporate Accounts and Free of charge repair for all In-Warranty Units, provided with attached documents.

Q: When did Love Electronics started in the service industry?
A. Love Electronics was established in 1982. To date, we have 22 branches ready to serve you located in Metro Manila and Southern Luzon and with huge potential growth through Franchising.

Q: How long it would take to repair?
A. Repairs will depend on the extent of unit damage and availability of parts. for hard trouble, an observation period of 3 days is required. For minor repairs, unit can claimed on the same day.

Q: How much is your service charge?
A: Service charge varies from unit type and models. Minimum service charge without parts cost is P400.00

Q: How many months do you give for service warranty?
A: Customers are given service warranty of three (3) months from the exact date unit released. Customers are given free of charge if the same defects recur within the warranty period. If units falls on the different defects within the warranty period, customers will be charged an additional fee for parts costs.

Q: How would i place my Home Service Bookings?
A: Customers calls are very important to us, our Home Service Representatives will assists you by getting all the details from customers and notifying the exact schedule for Home Service Repair. Upon confirmation, customer shall be notified for a check-up fee of 250.00 per unit. Check-up fee is not refundable but deductible from the actual charges upon completion of repair. Upon payment, customer will receive Official Receipt from Home Service Technician. We also have an Online Booking System.